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I Want You On My Wall

Ayako Rokkaku

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I’ve been obsessed with these brightly colored and layered works for a couple of years now since I spotted the pieces at Scope Miami.  Going back every so often to stand and stare at them I was lucky enough to find her hard at work producing canvases in her gallery’s booth.  Ayako Rokkaku works carefully with her hands and includes simple detail throughout the works exclusively using her fingers to apply paint.  Having no formal training, Rokkaku got her start at Murakami’s Geisai art fair where she won two prestigious prizes.  The small girls that are the main subjects of her works are painted in the style of Japanese Anime as is emphasized by details such as long arms and big eyes, not to mention her lively use of color.  Ayako Rokkaku lives in Chiba-Ken a town in the greater Tokyo area.  She has shown in various art fairs around the world including Art Cologne and Art Amsterdam.  She is represented by Gallery Delaive worldwide.


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